Monthly Archives: November 2018

“Opposites” little ones event

This month we focused on learning about opposites at our little ones event. We host our monthly little ones STEM event at the library on the second Tuesday of the month and the following Saturday.

We learned about fast and slow with these car ramps like this post from A Little Pinch of Perfect.

Of course, just playing with blocks is fun too.

We learned about wet with a bucket of water and some scoops and turkey basters.

We learned about dry with containers of sand and construction vehicles. I tried to keep the wet and dry areas separate so we wouldn’t have mud. It worked until the last 5 minutes of the event.

I brought out the light table for light and dark.

I also brought out flashlights and a colander like this post from The Activity Mom.

We played red light/ green light for stop and go.

I brought out the scales for heavy and light.

We used pincers to place pompoms into bottles to learn about empty and full, like this post from Mama OT.

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