“Gaga for Green” Little Ones event

This month I held a “Gaga for Green” event for ages 2-5. We held this at the library twice (Tues and Sat) and at an outreach event in Severance once (Thurs). In honor of spring and St. Patrick’s Day, we explored activities on the subject of the color green.

We mixed yellow and blue food coloring in baggies of corn syrup.

We made 4 leaf clover stamps out of green peppers, like this post from Learn Play Imagine. Make sure your peppers have 4 bumps on the bottom. These work great!

We practiced our fine  motor skills with glitter and glue. (My janitor loves me.)

One kiddo drew G’s in his G.

We practiced more fine motor skills by planting a garden like this post from No Time for Flash Cards.

We made “edible” slime, like this post from Play Learn Grow for a free play table. I was looking for our playdoh tools but couldn’t find any so last minute I grabbed our animals. It seemed to work out well.

One little boy said he made a new mane for the lion.

One little girl said she had to apply sunscreen to her elephant.
I told her as a redhead, I approved.

This was messy fun. Erin Go Bragh!

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