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“Space!” little ones event

This month we held an outer space event at the library twice (Tues and Sat mornings) and at an outreach event (Thursday morning). May is sadly a notoriously slow month attendance-wise, but those who came had a BLAST.

We charted our own constellations like this post.

We tied sponges to our feet and walked on the moon in our space shoes.

We made rockets that blasted off into space. I modified this post because I didn’t have plastic pipettes. We simply colored 2 rockets and then taped them together leaving a hole at the bottom for the straw. Make sure to tape the rockets together, leaving no holes for air to escape through.

We learned how craters in the moon are formed and how planets orbit the sun.

We studied moon rocks in our outer space exploration suit.

We guided our rocket ships into and out of space safely with our NASA control center from this post.


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