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“”More-igami” preschool book club

I asked the kids what folding was. They gave me examples like folding paper, folding clothes, and folding sheets. One kid said you could fold a pizza, but he didn’t like to eat his like that. I talked about how we can fold our bodies to look like things. We could sit with legs straight out to look like an “L.” We could do a downward dog twist to look like the letter “A.” I then talked about folding paper to look like other objects we see.

Read More-igamiĀ by Dori Kelber and illustrated by G. Brian Karas.

I set up four stations with origami activities ranging from easiest to most challenging.

Our first station was a paper fan station like they mention in the book. I liked the addition of the craft sticks from this post.

We made paper accordian snakes.

We folded origami fish.

The last station was a do-it-yourselfer. I displayed a couple of our easy origami books for kids to choose from. Some kids just created for themselves.


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