“Catch the Wind!” little ones event

For this month’s event, we made crafts and activities all about wind and air, in conjunction with our Clearview Reads event where the author of The Boy who Harnessed the Wind will visit and speak with us.   Our Catch the Wind event was for ages 2-5, and we held it on Tuesday at the library with a repeat on Saturday.

We made mazes with playdoh and blew cotton balls through them like this post from Raising Dragons .

This girl decided to try to blow a ball of playdoh through, but it was a little too sticky and heavy.

We caught clouds like this post from Mama of Littles.

We experimented with what objects the wind can blow and which are too heavy like this post from Little Giraffes. The Lego man didn’t fly, but the feather was everyone’s favorite.

We made a windsock like this post from 1, 2, 3, Homeschool with Me.

We made wind process art like this post from Play to Learn Preschool.

Check out these videos!



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2 thoughts on ““Catch the Wind!” little ones event

  1. Bubbles and wind would be interesting to explore too! I wonder if the children noticed the difference between wind made by humans, wind made by a fan, and wind made by mother nature.


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