“Sticky!” little ones event

This month we focused on a sticky theme at our little ones event. The idea was to play with tape, velcro, slime, and things that are sticky. We host this event at the library on the second Tuesday of the month and the following Saturday.

We built with velcro blocks and craft sticks like this post from One Creative Mommy.

We made a contact paper collage.

We threw the velcro balls towards a target.

We made sticker roller paintings like this post from No Time for Flashcards.

This mom got creative and used the foam stickers as stamps on her hand.

But by far the favorite station was the slime station. I usually use the metamucil/kool aid slime recipe in case the littles eat it, but today I used this recipe from Tater Tots and Jello.

One boy decided it would be fun to dump all the slime into his lap. (Sorry, mom.) Trick to getting slime out of clothes? Use an ice cube to harden the slime.

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