“Around the World Follow the Trail” preschool book club

We began by discussing trails and where they take you. Luckily we live in Colorado so the kids are very familiar with riding bike trails and hiking the mountains. I asked what kinds of things they see in the mountains. They mentioned animals and rocks and trees. I asked them what else they see in the world. They mentioned water and cities.

Read Around the World: Follow the Trail by Craig Shuttlewood.
This book was much simpler than the books I normally read in this book club, but I love that the kids can take the book home to run their fingers over the “trail” themselves.

We then followed the trail of activities around the room. Our first stop was the ocean where we made whales from egg cartons like this post from i heart crafty things.   This activity was  more prescriptive than most of the activities I normally do, but following directions is also a useful skill to attain. One of our volunteers cut out the whale parts and painted the egg carton pieces in advance for us to save time, and I used the razor to make the slits in the top of the whale.


We then followed the trail to the forest where we practiced pine cone weaving. I sort of threw this activity in last minute, but it ended up being immensely popular!

We also identified the paw prints of the animals we may see in the forest. This activity was made by a librarian before my time.

We finally followed the trail to the desert for free play in the sand.

I’d say they had a good time.


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