“Block Party” little ones event

The Collaborative Summer Reading Program’s theme for 2017 is Build a Better World. One of the suggestions was to hold a multigenerational program to build community. I chose to hold a “block party” where we could literally build with blocks, while we also build community.

I had originally asked a local retirement village to join us for our event, but when I called to confirm a week before, they decided not to attend. Our director is a member of the local Rotary Club chapter, and three of their members answered the call to attend.

I placed different types of blocks that were all safe for the youngest of kiddos on the floor. Blocks with smaller pieces were on the tables for kids 3+.

Here are two of our Rotary Club members:

The kids had fun regardless of who they were playing with.

This little girl’s Lincoln Log house was an ice cream store, she said.

And I love when adults get in on the action.


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