“Teddy Bear Picnic” little ones event

Summer has been INSANE here so far, and our little ones events have been the most attended.

Sixty people vistied with Pocahontas and a Galatic Warrior from Wands and Wishes for stories and adventure.

We had 135 people in attendance for our Funny Bunny Magic Show with Connie Elstun. (If anyone doubts that we need a larger library with more programming space, that number alone is your proof.)

And our Teddy Bear picnic had 95 people at the library and 35  at our repeat outreach event!

We started the picnic with an active reading of Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen like this post from Weekend Notes. I used green crepe paper for the grass, I placed a blue blanket in our kiddie pool for the river, and I used a brown tarp for the mud. (I skipped the rest of the verses.)

We made teddy bear snacks like this. We didn’t toast the bread, and I used sunflower butter instead of peanut butter to be safe.

We used plastic forks to paint teddy bears like this post from Crafty Morning.

We graphed and sorted and enhanced our early math skills with gummy bears like this post from Pre-Kinders. I only used the graph and the color sorting printables for the sake of time.

We practiced threading and fine motor skills by making edible honeycomb necklaces and bracelets like this post from You are the Roots because, of course, bears love honey!

Both the kids and the teddy bears had a lovely time today!

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