“Tunnels and Tubes” little ones event

This month I held a Tunnels and Tubes event for ages 2-5. We held this at the library twice (Tues and Sat) and at an outreach event in Severance once. I mostly took inspiration from this post by Library Makers. I am trying to make my events more free play and free exploration-based. Creativity, which is needed for problem-solving and critical thinking has been declining, so I am trying to introduce activities which simply let kids explore concepts and generate ideas without being told what to do.

I collected wrapping paper tubes and whatever other types of pipes staff donated. I put these on the floor with some Pop Toobs, matchbox cars, and bouncy balls.
dsc_0005 dsc_0013 dsc_0016 dsc_0028 dsc_0030 dsc_0039

I had a color sorting station like this post. The kids could either use their fingers or tongs to put the pompoms down the tubes.
dsc_0019 dsc_0040

A fabulous coworker made a tunnel box for cars to drive through.


I had a bracelet making station where kids could thread a pipecleaner through the “tunnel” of the bead.

dsc_0011 dsc_0021

Tube Locks was a VERY popular station (with the kids – not with the staff in the library who could hear the noise. Totally worth it in my opinion). Make sure you leave baby wipes or some sort of cleaner on the table!
dsc_0012 dsc_0018 dsc_0023

I also had a water station. One little girl stayed at this station for the entire hour. They were soaked and had a blast. I used measuring cups, marbles (warning the adults about the small pieces), and more Pop Toobs. Also, turkey basters FTW.

dsc_0003 dsc_0032 dsc_0036

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