“Thanksgiving” yoga storytime


Opening – How I explain the rules of yoga storytime: stay on your mat, and keep your hands to yourself.
(Skip to my Lou –  from Jim Gill)
Stomping feet, one and two
Stomping feet, one and two
But if my feet were covered in glue
I’d stick to the glue, my darling.

Clapping hands, one and two
Clapping hands, one and two
But if my hands were covered in glue
I’d stick to the glue, my darling
(hands in Anjali mudra, or prayer position)

Extend and Stretch
Frere Jacques
Extend and stretch (sit in sukasana – easy seated pose, or crisscross applesauce- and do seated side bends)
Extend and stretch
Twist and turn (seated twists)
Twist and turn
This is yoga, (hands overhead on “this,” then bring to prayer position on “yoga”)
This is yoga
Om sweet om, (hands in prayer, bow forward)
Om sweet om
Source: I got this from Kids Yoga Guide teacher training, but here is another from Be Grace Yoga 

Are you Ready for Yoga? 
Are you ready for yoga?
If you’re ready, then stomp your feet
Stomp your feet and make some noise.
Let’s stomp our feet and make some noise
And do it really fast
Then stop. Stretch your feet up, up, up
And down.
Repeat with arms then both. 
Source: Next Generation Yoga at the National Kids Yoga Conference

Open the Book
Arms, legs, both
Close the book. Open the book. Turn the page.
Start seated with arms stretched out in front of you, palms touching. To “open the book,” stretch the arms wide. To close it, bring them back together. To “turn the page,” open just the right arm and close it, then the left arm and close it. Repeat “turning pages” until the kids giggle. Repeat the whole sequence using legs instead of arms. Then try arms and legs together. 

Book – Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes
pie – wide leg forward fold/prasarita padottonasana The middle space between your legs is your pie. Ask the kids what ingredients you want in the pie.  Then pat it and roll it out. For a last deep stretch, place your pie in the oven.
gold leaves floating byseated forward fold/paschimottonasana Inhale arms up. Exhale and let the “leaves” in your hands flutter to the ground. Repeat 3 times.
music and dancing natarajasana/dancer pose
slides – upward plank/purvottanasana
hopscotch – Jump legs wide. Jump in. Hop on one foot, then the other. Repeat.
puppies – puppy pose/anahatasana
puddlesboat/paripurna navasana See if they can hold boat while they sing “Row, Row, Row your Boat” Add in some other versus, like “If you see an alligator, don’t forget to scream – ahhh!!
cozy cuddlesseated twists with arms hugging self
rides on a sled – Pretend to hike up the hill. Sit in dandasana. Pretend to push off the hill and sled down.
moonseated side stretch

Song: Kidding Around Yoga’s “If You’re Happy and You Know It” Because expressing gratitude actually changes our brains to be happier! 

Hoberman Sphere Breathing Ball


Peace begins with me
Hold both hands overhead. On the word “peace,” touch the thumbs and pinky fingers together. On the word “begins,” touch the thumbs and ring fingers. On the word “with,” touch the thumbs and middle fingers. On the word “me,” touch the thumbs and pointers. Repeat this four times, the first time loudly and hands overhead. The second time, bring the hands down a little and speak a little softer. The third time, bring hands lower and whisper. The last time, bring hands to knees and speak words silently to self.
Source: Kids Yoga Guide Teacher Training

Giving Thanks anjali mudra (“namaste hands”)


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