“The Little Old Lady who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything” preschool book club


We began by talking about how some things seem scary but in the end, they’re not.

Read The Little Old Lady who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything  by Linda Williams. We read this book walking around the room when the little old lady walked. I also brought in props to hand to participants: 2 shoes, a pair of jeans, a flannel shirt, 2 gloves, a hat, and a light up pumpkin head. Although we had more kids than props, I learned a fun bit of info from a fabulously silly librarian (shout out to Cliff Davidson) at Denver Public Library: it’s ok to not have enough props for everyone. Kids love watching other kids participate. The kids had to shake their props and make noise whenever cued.

We then experimented with water and Reese’s Pieces, like this post from Playdoh to Plato.

We then used this scarecrow printable and potato stamps to make our own scarecrows, like this post.

14570309_1255841007799946_7001675954334335421_n 14717281_1255841051133275_2684364320743738685_n

These guys decided to forgo the scarecrow and just got to stamping. That’s how learning and creativity happen, folks.

14650171_1255841021133278_5412172660350005619_n 14642044_1255840991133281_1001097897386675450_n


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