“Thank You, Jackson” preschool book club


We began our discussion talking about how saying please and thank you is polite and makes people feel good. We played a version of Simon Says, in which I asked the kids to “please jump up and down,” “please spin in a circle,” or “blink your eyes.” The kids could only do the actions in which I said please.

We then read Thank You, Jackson by Niki and Jude Daly.

We then had a “picnic” of pictures of foods taped to paper plates, like this post from Things to Share and Remember. The kids had to share. If they wanted the goldfish, they had to ask using the words please and thank you.

We made thank you cards however and for whomever the kids wanted, using supplies from our craft closet.

13717420_1179230448794336_5919376745991710571_o 13730973_1179230692127645_2095545670087519769_o

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