May’s Little Ones event was a celebration of spirals. (The yogini in me said I was teaching sacred geometry to little ones, but shhh, no one noticed.)

We observed the spirals made from 2-liters and tornado tubes. 

018 033

We cut spirals out to make whirlygig friends, like in this post from Library Makers. (Seriously – SO many good ideas from them!)

014 020

We played with sea shells and pine cones in play-doh. (Again, Library Makers.)

024 034


We used onions and our thumbprints to make snails like this post from Fun Handprint Art.


We developed fine motor skills placing bingo chips on the spiral on the light table, like this post from Reggio Children Inspired.


Finally, I was going to set up a version of the game SNAIL (also known as French hopscotch), but, to be completely honest, I was being lazy and didn’t feel like taping the floor that much. 😉 Instead I copied Library Makers AGAIN and just taped down a spiral in which the kiddos were to walk on the straight lines and hop on the dotted lines.

010 037


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