Somewhere Over the Rainbows and Prisms

March’s event for little ones was Somewhere Over the Rainbows and Prisms!

We made kaleidoscopes based off this post from Buggy and Buddy.
011 025

This is what my example kaleidoscope looked like. Seriously, sometimes I have the coolest job ever.


We experimented with prisms in the sunlight through the window. I also made two of these spectroscopes. This was by far the least popular activity station though.


We moved around with this color activity.  I used an empty box of tissues to make a sort of die for the kids to toss. See the pdf with actions here: Color action cube

005 034

We made rainbow pasta necklaces. I used this recipe to dye the pasta. I can’t get over how bright the colors look!

003 008

We sorted colors using this activity with pom poms and paper towel rolls. The kids could use their fingers or plastic tongs (for more fine motor practice) to pick up the pom poms.

012 016


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