“Halloween” yoga storytime

how big could your pumpkin grow

Opening – How I explain the rules of yoga storytime: stay on your mat and keep your hands to yourself.
(Skip to my Lou –  from Jim Gill)
Stomping feet, one and two
Stomping feet, one and two
But if my feet were covered in glue
I’d stick to the glue, my darling.

Clapping hands, one and two
Clapping hands, one and two
But if my hands were covered in glue
I’d stick to the glue, my darling
(hands in Anjali mudra, or prayer position)

Extend and Stretch
Frere Jacques
Extend and stretch (sit in sukasana – easy seated pose, or crisscross applesauce- and do seated side bends)
Extend and stretch
Twist and turn (seated twists)
Twist and turn
This is yoga, (hands overhead on “this,” then bring to prayer position on “yoga”)
This is yoga
Om sweet om, (hands in prayer, bow forward)
Om sweet om
Source: I got this from Kids Yoga Guide teacher training, but here is another from Be Grace Yoga 

Halloween sun salutations
Hello, bats. Flap, flap, flap
Hello, worms. Squirm, squirm, squirm.
Place your hands on the floor. 1,2
And step back. 3,4
Lower your belly to the leaves on the floor.
Aoooo. howl at the moon so pale
Lift up to shake your werewolf tail
Bend your knees. Jump your feet up please.
Take a deep breath in
And feel the magic deep within.
Source: KidPowerment Yoga

Book – How Big Could your Pumpkin Grow? by Wendell Minor
page 1 – take 3 breaths, one small, one medium, one large, like the different size pumpkins
pumpkin as boat – paripurna navasana/ boat pose
Babe the Ox – Cat/Cows
hot air balloonswarrior III/ virabhadrasana III
Lighthouse – seated twists like you’re scanning the water
Pumpkin on Bridge – setu bandha sarvangasana/ bridge pose
cowboy hat – triangle pose/ trikonasana (both sides), like a pointy hat
Roller Coaster – standing back bend (like going up the roller coaster), then forward fold/ uttanasana (like going down the roller coaster)
Behind the Capitol building – witch on a broom – warrior II/ virabhadrasana II
presidentutkatasana/ chair pose (like you’re sitting in the oval office)
waterfall – seated forward fold/ paschimottanasana
Rocket – chair pose into blast off!

The Roly-Poly Pumpkin
(Tune: Itsy Bitsy Spider / Pose: Happy Baby)
Oh, the roly-poly pumpkin
Went rolling down the hill.
Once it started rolling
It couldn’t keep still.
It rolled and rolled
Until it bumped into a rock.
Then the roly-poly pumpkin rolled to a stop.

Spooky simple anatomy with the skeleton pieces found here.
yoga skeleton

Skeleton Dance – Dry Bones

Breathing ball

This was a guided savasana. We imagined we were a seed in the ground. We could feel the warm, soft dirt all around us. We felt safe and secure. We wanted to grow, and one day we burst through the dirt as a small stem. We could feel the sun. It gave us food and light and warmth. We could feel ourselves growing stronger and longer into vines and tendrils, and one day, we sprouted a pumpkin. We could feel ourselves growing rounder and rounder into the biggest, best pumpkin we could be. (60 second meditation).

Peace begins with me
Hold both hands overhead. On the word “peace,” touch the thumbs and pinky fingers together. On the word “begins,” touch the thumbs and ring fingers. On the word “with,” touch the thumbs and middle fingers. On the word “me,” touch the thumbs and pointers. Repeat this four times, the first time loudly and hands overhead. The second time, bring the hands down a little and speak a little softer. The third time, bring hands lower and whisper. The last time, bring hands to knees and speak words silently to self.
Source: Kids Yoga Guide Teacher Training

CraftPumpkin “mala” bracelets



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