“Spaced-Out” Yoga Storytime!

hello moon yoga

Opening – How I explain the rules of yoga storytime: stay on your mat and keep your hands to yourself.
(Skip to my Lou –  from Jim Gill)
Stomping feet, one and two
Stomping feet, one and two
But if my feet were covered in glue
I’d stick to the glue, my darling.

Clapping hands, one and two
Clapping hands, one and two
But if my hands were covered in glue
I’d stick to the glue, my darling
(hands in Anjali mudra, or prayer position)

Extend and Stretch
Frere Jacques
Extend and stretch (sit in sukasana – easy seated pose, or crisscross applesauce- and do seated side bends)
Extend and stretch
Twist and turn (seated twists)
Twist and turn
This is yoga, (hands overhead on “this,” then bring to prayer position on “yoga”)
This is yoga
Om sweet om, (hands in prayer, bow forward)
Om sweet om
Source: I got this from Kids Yoga Guide teacher training, but here is another from Be Grace Yoga 

Open Book
Arms, legs, both
Close the book. Open the book. Turn the page.
Start seated with arms stretched out in front of you, palms touching. To “open the book,” stretch the arms wide. To close it, bring them back together. To “turn the page,” open just the right arm and close it, then the left arm and close it. Repeat “turning pages” until the kids giggle. Repeat the whole sequence using legs instead of arms. Then try arms and legs together. 

Sun Salutations – I use a call and response version of Sargeant Salutations from Kidding Around Yoga. 

Book – Hello, Moon! by Francesca Simon

  1. Hello, Moon! Can we talk? I get lonely down here sometimes. What I want to know is…
  2. Do you have a bouncy bed? (jump on mat) I like bouncing on my bed.
    Do you go the park? I like going down the twisty, slide. (spin back to seated)
  3. Do you pretend you’re a crocodile? (alligator pose) Do you play pirates? (walk from back of mat to front like walking the plank)
  4. I really like tigers. (lion’s breath)
  5. Can you see the sea? (mermaid pose/ locust pose)
  6. Can you see the highest mountain? (mountain pose)
  7. Do you have lots of friends? (We said the stars were the moon’s friends – 5 pointed star pose.)
  8. Can you tell me some of their names? (Cat/cows with meows and moos for Leo, donkey kicks for Pegasus)
  9. Good night, Moon. (child’s pose)

Song: Laurie Berkner- “Rocketship Run
sun – stand with arms overhead in circle
moon – standing side bends like a crescent moon
star – five-pointed-star pose
earth – child’s pose

Collecting Moon Rocks for Science
We put on our space suits, blasted off (chair pose), landed on the moon (apanasana or rock and roll pose), and collected “space rocks” with our toes. Then we came back to earth for pranayama (breathwork) and savasana. (I tossed a bag of pompoms around the room and had the kids collect the pompoms with their toes and place them into bowls. Normally, this game is called “toe-ga.”

I gave them each a moon rock to place on their bellies while lying on their backs. They could watch the moon rock go up and down with their inhales and exhales. 

This was a guided savasana. We pretended we were back in space, floating calmly and watching the stars twinkle. We looked back to earth and saw how beautiful it was: green, blue, and white. We thought of the things on earth that made us the most happy and calm and tried to hold on to that feeling.

Peace begins with me
Hold both hands overhead. On the word “peace,” touch the thumbs and pinky fingers together. On the word “begins,” touch the thumbs and ring fingers. On the word “with,” touch the thumbs and middle fingers. On the word “me,” touch the thumbs and pointers. Repeat this four times, the first time loudly and hands overhead. The second time, bring the hands down a little and speak a little softer. The third time, bring hands lower and whisper. The last time, bring hands to knees and speak words silently to self.
Source: Kids Yoga Guide Teacher Training

Star Meditation Jars


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